Virtual Prayer Room

Every year we have a Prayer Room in our Halls, this year we are having something different.  Due to Coronavirus (Covid -19),  we have temporarily moved our Prayer Room online. Please leave your prayer in the box below (you do not have to leave your name) and it will be posted on our website.

Please Leave Your Prayers Here ...


Pray for those who are troubled with pain right now, in particular conditions that are causing back pain and joint pains. Pray especially, for those connected with our congregation, but for others too.

Wise Words

Thank God for wise words from Arlene Foster last week. Supporting the leaders of all the parties and that each politician will try to forget tribal politics and support each other on seeking a good and righteous path for us all.


Pray for all the families who have lost loved ones with the Coronavirus and the families waiting at home because they can’t be at their bedside. Lord let them know you will never leave or forsake them. Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

Be Blessed

May all who use this Prayer Room be blessed. May they find inner peace and renewal of faith. May they leave feeling refreshed and strengthened.

Wonderful NHS

Pray for our wonderful NHS staff who still manage to provide a first class service, despite being severely handicapped by hopeless politicians. May they succeed in their battle against Coronavirus.

Thank You

Thank you for this quiet space for us to reflect… We need to take time every day to talk and pray for each other and resolve to love not find fault. Never more aware that peace is love so freely given.


Father, please be with the members of the Parish Church as they experience upheaval during worship. In Jesus name I pray.

Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father - I give thanks to Duncan for all he does for us. Lord bind us together.

For The Doctors And Nurses

Thank you Father for all the doctors and nurses who care enough to help people who are sick in body or mind. Let us be thankful for them.

Thank You

Thank you for your guidance during our prayer time.


Father, be with all those people who are in pain, either physically or mentally. Give them your peace and comfort.

Bless Our Church

Father, bless our Church this Holy Week with Your loving holy presence.

Walk With Me

Walk with me. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


Dear Lord, I pray for all of us who are distanced from our family. It's really hard not seeing them, give us strength to cope with this.

Be Not Afraid To Pray

 Be not afraid to pray – to pray is right.
Pray, if thou canst, with hope; but ever pray,
Though hope be weak, or sick with long delay;
Pray in the darkness, if there be no light.
Far is the time, remote from human sight,
When war and discord on the earth shall cease;
Yet every prayer for universal peace
Avails the blessed time to expedite.
Whate’er is good to wish, ask that of Heaven,
Though it be what thou canst not hope to see:
Pray to be perfect, though material leaven
Forbid the spirit so on earth to be;
But if for any wish thou darest not pray,
Then pray to God to cast that wish away.
Hartley Coleridge 1796-1849

Previous Years In Our Prayer Room

Thank you for this quiet space for us to reflect. We need to take time every
day to talk, pray for each other and resolve to love, not find fault.