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Warmest congratulations to Revd Duncan Pollock who has been appointed as the Diocesan Chaplain to Mothers’ Union in Down and Dromore.

“I am delighted that Duncan has accepted my invitation to take on this important role in the diocese,” said Bishop David.

“With all the challenges that Covid–19 has brought to us recently, the Mothers’ Union has a wonderful opportunity to come alongside families with the presence of God to heal, to restore and to bless.

“The Revd Duncan Pollock will bring so much to the task of encouraging Mothers’ Union and the branches in Down and Dromore in his role as Chaplain.

“Duncan has done outstanding work during Covid–19 and is much loved in the Parish of Groomsport where he is rector. I am so pleased that the diocese at large will now benefit from his many gifts and his understanding of God’s wonderful grace for his church and for his world.

“As Duncan takes on this new responsibility I would like to thank the outgoing Diocesan Chaplain, Revd Gerald Macartney for his faithful service and pastoral ministry, especially over the extended and difficult period of the pandemic.”  

Speaking of his appointment, Revd Duncan Pollock, said: 

“When Bishop David invited me to take up the post of Chaplain to the Diocesan Mothers’ Union, I was both surprised and flattered. Surprised, because it was so unexpected! At my stage of ministry such invitations are rare. Flattered, because it shows such faith in me. I hope I can live up to that faith and trust. 

“I would ask that all members of the MU across the diocese keep in me in their prayers as I prepare myself to take up this new chapter in my ministry.” 

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Letter From The Bishop

3 September 2021
Dear Friends,

Recently a friend expressed something that I too have been sensing. His words were these: “What the Holy Spirit is putting on my heart is that we need to move into a new season of renewal”.

We are living in days when society around us desperately needs a Church and a people whose love for Jesus, whose influence in society and whose truth, power and integrity bring hope and comfort, life and healing into weary homes and communities.

As a Church we need to rediscover the presence of God and his power to change lives. We want to see the Church renewed to transform individuals and society with the life of Christ and the good news of forgiveness, peace, healing and joy that is given to those who would submit to Jesus.

Any season of renewal is always given to us by God. It is God’s gift and God’s doing for, as it says in John 3:8, ‘The wind blows where it wills, and we cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.’ Nevertheless, if we are to move into a new season of renewal there are responsibilities and challenges that rest with all of us.

Firstly, every historic move of God and every season of renewal in the life of the Church has been preceded by the people of God pursuing him through prayer. To encourage a fresh approach towards prayer in our local parishes three diocesan prayer events have been planned for this autumn. The first of these is an Agape Meal in Down Cathedral on St Matthews Day, 21st September at 7:30pm. The evening will be very simple and safe in its format as we enjoy some food, pray together, and conclude with Holy Communion.

Two further prayer events will follow, and details can be found on the diocesan website.

Secondly, every season of renewal in the Church that has lasting significance involves a rediscovery of biblical truth, a fresh commitment to preaching and teaching the scriptures and a new love for studying the bible. To that end I will be asking every church to promote a bible reading plan for 2022 that enables all of us to read a portion of the bible every day. Watch out for details of this in the coming weeks.

Thirdly, every significant season of renewal in the history of the Church has seen an increase in signs and wonders following the preaching of God’s word. Renewal gives way to miraculous works of God with demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power at work in people’s lives, especially in bringing them to repentance and faith in Christ.

Fourthly, every season of renewal among God’s people is accompanied and often preceded by an increase in faith and in generosity. It has struck me that we must step more and more into a lifestyle of faith and generosity, and I would like to suggest some ways in which we might do this.

Emerging out of Covid-19 our government has pledged to give all of us a £100 gift voucher. Rather than this being absorbed into our weekly shopping, may I encourage you to spend it in a local business that has been adversely affected by the pandemic. Please also consider making a matching donation of £100 to a local charity of your choice.

Secondly, please take some time to review how much you give to your local church and consider increasing it.

And finally, please consider enabling our diocese of Down and Dromore to plant new congregations by taking out a standing order for our Diocesan Church Planting Fund. Alternatively, you might like to help us revitalise and reenergise parish ministry as needs arise by taking out a standing order for our Diocesan Rejuvenation Fund. The appropriate forms may be downloaded from the diocesan website.

Together, let’s step up in generosity and step out in faith together, believing and crying out for a new season of renewal. Let’s join as one across our diocese to pray, to be strengthened by God’s word and to be expectant for signs and wonders as God the Holy Spirit brings new life to his Church.

I love a prayer that’s found in the Book of Common Prayer that I recall being used a lot when I was much younger.

‘Holy Spirit, come in power and bring new life to your church, renew us in love and service and enable us to be faithful to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.


Yours and His,



Due to an isolated case of coronavirus, as a precaution, Groomsport Parish Church will be closed until Wednesday 18th August.
Please do not turn up to Church today or Sunday. The Parish Office is also closed to visitors until this date, however, you can contact us by email or by telephone 028 9127 1311.
Please, if you are at all concerned about coronavirus refer to the NHS website
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Free Will Offering

Sadly, as you will all now know, our Sunday services are changed from their usual format.
Should you be unable to attend Church regularly or feel you would like to switch to Standing Order for your Free Will Giving,  contact us and we can send you the appropriate information. Standing orders are easily set up if you have online banking, or can fill the form in and post it to your bank.

Thank you in advance. 

 You can contact the Church office at alternatively you use the contact form on this website, or you can private message our Facebook page which is linked at the bottom of this page.