This Is Their Life

Cathie, Pauline, Maggie and Frances working hard in the kitchen.
Lots of fun and laughter.
Will they be able to manage dessert after this?
Raymond teaching Heather some musical skills.
Enjoying the chat.
Deep in conversation.
Heather with Raymond Crooks and Jackie Burke, our guests for the evening.
Helen, Betty, Heather and Frances sitting. Was that a mouse I just saw in the kitchen?!

This is Their Life

Friday 25 January saw the first fundraising event of the year – the life stories of two very interesting men. First to the floor was ex drug addict Jackie Burke. Since becoming a Christian Jackie has been telling his extreme story to audiences including schoolchildren and prisoners for over twenty years. Such was the moving story Jackie had to tell, one could have heard a pin drop and many in the audience were moved to tears by the heart wrenching words he spoke. As a complete contrast, Raymond Crooks also told how he had come to faith but by singing his life changing story and entertaining the audience in a completely different way.

In response to a luxury draw to raise money for two charities of their choice, £370 was raised to support Jackie’s choice – “Compassion” and Raymond’s choice “Friends in Action.” In addition £700 was raised for the Building Fund.

We are indebted to Pauline Harrison who single-handedly provided a delicious meal.