Maeshine Concert March 2020

Spring Concert – featuring Maeshine

“I give thanks for the wonderful blessings in my life.  Sight and people that warm my heart, harmonious sounds and fragrant scents that uplift me; I recognise the beauty of life.  I feel gently at peace”.

These are the words of Inge, one member of the duo Maeshine, who entertained and uplifted us at our Easter Concert which was held in our beautiful little church on Friday 13th March.  Despite our serious concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, a decision was taken to proceed with the concert, and we were delighted that we had an audience of just under 60 people.  The music was tranquil, mystical and exotic – the lyrics, all written by either Inge or Anna – were life-affirming. 

The concert was followed by a delightful supper in the Tyney Hall, with home-baked quiche, salads and Pavlova, all home-cooked by Pauline and served by the ladies of our parish.  Thank you to all who worked to make the evening such a success.  We are also happy to say that £620 was raised towards Church funds.

Heather and Mae