Ladies Breakfast 16 February, 2019

L-R. Hester, Margaret, Janet, Davina and EIleen
L-R. Carol, Pat, Ann, Valerie and Queenie
L-R Frances, Dorothy Anne, Pearl, Margaret and Roberta
Our handsome waiters!
L-R. Trevor, Carl, Ian, Ken, Peter, William, David, Walter, Tony, Shaun, Freddie, Bert, with Colin and Barry in front.
David looking after his table
.L-R. Phyllis, Arlette, Mae, Sally, Dorothy and Anne,
L-R. Dorothy, Christine, Jenny, Susan and Elaine
L-R. Zandra, Vicki, Carol, Kate, Muriel and Freda
Walker Ewart our guest speaker
Walker reading his poetry
Mr David Manton, from Cleland Memorial Pipe Band. He has been playing bagpipes for 62 years
L-R. Andrea, Maureen, Jenny, Julie, Andrea and Hannah

Greeted by superbly dressed men of the parish, around 60 of we ‘ladies’ arrived at the hall on a beautiful Saturday morning.   Tables were laid with orange juice, pastries and toast.  We were then given glass jars of yoghurt to which we could add granola and fruit compote as we wished.  This was followed by the breakfast of our own choice – smoked salmon, bacon, scrambled egg, tomato, and mushrooms.  Toast was replenished regularly and jams and marmalade were on the table.  Followed by tea and coffee.  It was all marvellous.  But we were then entertained by Mr Walker Ewart, who made us all smile (and belly laugh) with his renditions of poems and stories.   He was very funny.  This would have been enough but we were then entertained by a piper from Cleland Memorial Band.  Right in front of the Rector too! Let the reader understand as he would say! 

A huge thank you to the men who organised, cooked and served at this event.  It was superb.